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Boiler types

There are three main types of boilers. Read on to learn more about each type.

Combination Boilers / Combi Boilers

This is the most popular type of boiler in the UK. Combination, or combi, simply means that the same machine heats your water and provides your central heating. These units are compact and great for small spaces because no separate hot water cylinder is necessary. They are great because you can get an unlimited amount of hot water, and they’re also usually cheaper to install because there is less pipework. The only downside is that the water may take a few seconds to heat up.

Heat Only / Regular / Conventional Boilers

These boilers are similar to system boilers, but they also need a cold-water storage tank. They are great if you’re replacing an existing boiler with an old radiator system. They work well if you have multiple bathrooms, if water pressure is low, and/or if you want to install a solar water heating system.

System boilers

System boilers take up a little more space because they require a separate hot water cylinder, but if you have the space, they’re a great choice: system boilers work very well in homes with multiple bathrooms and they offer a constant supply of hot water to more than one tap at a time. They are also economical to run.