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Boiler Service

Boilers need annual service to make sure they are running properly and efficiently. Our affordable annual maintenance is an excellent step towards ensuring the longevity of your heating system. It can even help you save costs by identifying small problems before they become an emergency situation. With regular preventive boiler service, you’re far

Plumbing/ Gas Work

A wide variety of general plumbing services are offered. From repairing or replacing broken taps, showers, toilets, pipework, water and gas lines. BoilerBoss is familiar with all different types of fixtures, both old and new, and will have your home running smoothly in no time!

Boiler Breakdown/Repair

Is your boiler failing to work as well as it used to? Don’t hesitate to call a boiler repair service if you notice anything is wrong! If you catch a problem in time, it can usually be fixed by simply switching out a few parts. No matter how old your boiler is, a Boiler Boss engineer will do his best to track down the correct parts to fix your heating system and help you out.

Boiler Installation

Is your old boiler in need of replacing? Or perhaps you’re doing a full home remodel? BoilerBoss installs new, reliable high efficiency boilers, giving you peace of mind and a comfortable, warm home. Working with the best gas engineer to ensure the boiler is right for your home and your individual needs, and that it is installed properly to last for many years to come.

Emergency Call Outs

Boiler Boss offers emergency call outs for plumbing and gas in the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire areas. Our emergency call out services include, but are not limited to: burst pipes, leaks, gas leaks, broken boilers, and no hot water or heating.

Power Flushing

Without proper cleaning, your heating system can get clogged with rust, debris and sludge and cause blockages that will reduce the efficiency and shorten the life of your boiler. Powerflushing is a full heating system cleanse using specialized chemicals and machinery. It can greatly reduce the chances of your new or existing boiler breaking down. It’s a quick solution for many boiler problems, and it can also prevent future issues. If you aren’t sure when your heating system was last cleaned, contact BoilerBoss today about powerflushing services!